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Have you already approved your desired design? Our work begins here, as we check the feasibility from a typographic perspective and process your design with regard to standards and legal requirements. We deal with the adjustment and harmonisation of your data, create authoritative base arts and adapt these standards to other product lines and packaging sizes. Changes can then be incorporated quickly and directly, making for a harmonious brand identity!

We check the data you have provided for its quality, plausibility and feasibility from a typographic perspective. We thereby ensure that your data can be optimally processed. Taking into consideration all relevant standards, your designs will be assembled for pouches, packs, polys or other items with existing templates. If this is not available, we will likewise create it for you. Even legal requirements like the position of health warnings and legally required texts are taken into consideration. Upon request, we also carry out changes to your design to ultimately present you with an optimal result.

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With our repro services, your data is prepared for the printing processes and optimised in consultation with you. Only if the complex, product-technical requirements have already been considered in the data processing can a perfect printing result in line with your ideas ultimately be achieved.

We process your individual repeats using reproduction technology and ensure that it is optimised for the chosen printing process. This includes, for example, the creation of separations and trappings as well as checking line widths. This way, we can ensure that you end up with a perfect printing result.

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Small design project realisation, logos, business cards predominantly oriented to nonprofit organisations and associations. Flags, banners, flayers, and other simple promotion products. Fast and pennyworth projects.
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CMS systems, simple web pages in wordpress with customised template. We register the domain, create hosting space, e-mail addrese and install desired software on the domain to be used as webpage or web based service. As well we offer on-line invoicing platform.
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Project managment nonprofit organisation services

Projects and programs for nonprofit organizations sports and cultural associations. Nonprofit organizations are an integral part of our social fabric. They help shape our society and make an important contribution toward improving many people’s lives – whether with assistance for families or the elderly or through charities, cultural institutions, or sports associations. As the State increasingly withdraws from many areas of social assistance, nonprofits are steadily gaining in importance. At least nonprofit organizations can get financial assistance from the State – provided they play by the rules.